Am I a plotter or pant-ser writer?
I “pants” it for the first 20,000 words, then plot the rest. My characters tell me where I’m going. And that’s totally not creepy.

Where do I get my best story ideas?

The checkout line at the grocery store, the DMV, doctor and dentist offices, weddings. And whenever I shop at Wal-Mart, I come home radiant. I’d say the very best ideas and characters come from watching and listening to real people. 

Linda's Quotes Quo Vide

"If you are on the road to traditional publication, get yourself a thick hide. Learn how to handle rejection and then persevere to the next critique, or edit. Be bold and tenacious. Teachable and undeniable. Study to show yourself approved as the Bible says and pray, pray, pray." 

"Though the publishing world is going through some radical changes and upheavals—writers—keep your eyes on Jesus. If God wants your name in print, He will make that happen. Our job is to answer the call to write and trust Him. Too many writers concentrate on waiting for “the call” from an agent or editor when they should be praying and waiting to hear from God."

Linda Kozar is an award-winning multi-published author of traditional and indie-published fiction and nonfiction inspirational books. In 2022, Sweet Tea For The Soul (DaySpring) received an ECPA Bronze Sales Award for 100,000+ sold, and in 2021, Sunshine For The Soul took home a First Place Selah and Nonfiction Book of the Year at the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference. Linda was named American Christian Fiction Writers’ Mentor of the Year in 2007. She and her husband Michael, married for 32 years, live in The Woodlands, Texas and enjoy spending time with their two grown daughters, their wonderful son-in-law, granddaughter Eden, and Gypsy, their rascally Jack Russell Terrier.

Speaking Topics

  • Becoming A Jack and Jill of All Trades (ICVM 2020) Getting the word out after you write a book is often more of a challenge than writing it. Techno-savvy writers must understand how to successfully market their brand by embracing new technologies and platforms in order to reach audiences with their books and products through posts, podcasts, videos, memes, ads, and ad campaigns. Learning to market successfully is an uphill climb, but those who do not take the first step will never make it up the hill.
  • What You Didn't Learn From Nancy Drew About Writing Mysteries (DFW Ready Writers 2018, Writers On The Storm 2017) Though everyone's favorite titian-haired young sleuth taught us that women could be flawless, fearless forensic investigators without carrying a gun or breaking a nail, maybe there's something to learn from those has-been whodunits that authors can apply to modern mysteries.
  • Bio-Hazards (Writers On The Storm, Words For The Journey) Toxic bios are a hazard to your writing career. By the end of this one-hour workshop, you'll walk away with a healthy start to crafting a great personal biography and tips for taking great photo headshots to accompany your “About You.”
  • The Power of Podcasting (Bayou City Christian Writers Conference 2017, 2018, SoCal 2017)Are you interested in hosting your own podcast to promote your own books, ministry, or passion? This class offers practical instructions on how to set up, launch, and market your own show on BlogTalk Radio and feed to a wide distribution.
  • Fifty Ways to Say Yellow (DFW Ready Writers, Red Rock Writers, Writers on the Storm) Tired of using the same old words and descriptions? Fifty Ways To Say Yellow focuses on the use of synonyms and creative techniques  to expand your word universe.
  • Indie Rumsphringa: An Exploration Into Self-Publishing  (Writers On The Storm 2017, SoCal 2017) A comprehensive teaching on how to become an independently-published author, from start to finish. Lesson encompasses cover design, back cover blurb, editing, formatting, publishing to digital and print, as well as marketing.
  • Beautify Your Book (Writers On The Storm) When you go indie, go big! Your book should have all the bells and whistles that a similar book from a traditional publishing house has. Whether your book becomes a bestseller or not, an indie author’s aim should be turning out a fine product.  This lesson covers tips and tweaks for the look of your indie book. From cover creation, to front and back matter, Fleurons, drop caps, table of contents, links, and series continuity.
  • Figurative Language (Red Rock Writers, DFW Ready Writers) You can't leapfrog from Hell to Valhalla! Or can you? When you describe something by comparing it to something else, you're using figurative language. How about that? Find out what you're doing right and wrong, when enough is enough and 
  • Back Cover Blurbs: Crafting the Tiny Paragraph That Sells Your Book (Words For The Journey, Writers On The Storm) Learn to write a brief, captivating description of your book.