Babes With A Beatitude—Devotions for Smart Savvy Women of Faith(Howard/Simon & Schuster), 2009

Sunshine For The Soul—Morning Devotions to Warm the Heart(DaySpring) Devotional, 2019

Sweet Tea For The Soul—Down-Home Devotions to Comfort The Soul(DaySpring) Devotional, 2018

Biscuits, Butter and Blessings—Farm-Fresh Devotions for Hope and Comfort(DaySpring) Devotional, 2019

Doomsday Devotions, Devotional, 2014

Moving Tales, Gift Book, 2013

Fiction books

Nonfiction books

​Until The Fat Ladies Sing​ (cozy mystery series)

Misfortune Cookies (Barbour) Book One, 2008

A Tisket, A Casket(Barbour) Book Two, 2008

Dead As A Doornail Book Three, 2012

That Wasn't Chicken Book Four, 2014

Felony Fruitcake Book Five, 2014

Weighty MattersBook Six, 2016

Custard's Last StandBook Seven, 2019


Sweet Petite Mysteries(short story cozy mysteries) 2017-18

My Vanished Valentine, January

Mystery at the Mardi Gras, February

St. Patrick's Secret, March

Bunny Drop, April

Cinco de Deado, May

Day of the DadJune

Grill and Chill, July

Slice of Heaven, August

Labor Day Larceny, September

The Haunted House Guest, October

A Turkey Lurky, November

Crime and Christmas Cookies​, December


Creative Woman Mystery Series

Strands of Fate (Cozy Mystery) (Annie's Fiction) Book One, 2012


Stand Alones

​Food Baby (Women's Contemporary), 2015
Alligator Pear(Historical Romance), 2013


Merry Christmas Mysteries​, 2015

Out of the Storm, "Aperture"(Speculative Fiction)

(Chalfont House/HopeSprings Books)2015

Priority Male 

(Forget-Me-Not Romances, Winged Publications), 2016, Christmas Love Letters Collection

​Destination Christmas—A Cup of Cozy 3​ 2015 (Cozy Mystery Magazine)

A Cup of Cozy 2—Short Mysteries and Holiday Recipes 2014 (Cozy Mystery Magazine)

A Cup of Cozy—Short Mysteries and Holiday Recipes 2013 ​(Cozy Mystery Magazine)

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