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An Introduction to Cozy Mysteries & Romantic Histories . . .

Well come on in! Glad you dropped by.

I like writing stories that evoke images of the southern lifestyle. A lazy afternoon on a shaded hammock. Sunshine peeking through lacy leaves. Sipping sweet tea with friends under a cottonwood tree. A long wooden swing spread with a vintage quilt. If you’re sweet on southern fiction, I hope you'll enjoy my books, blogs and recipes.

Southern storytelling has its own special style--a blend of tradition, charm, faith and unforgettable characters who journey through adventure, mystery and suspense. I hope you will be entertained, intrigued and moved by my fiction and nonfiction titles.

Below is a kitty-cat clock--a prominent fixture in my "When The Fat Ladies Sing" cozy mystery series. You'll always find one in either Sue Jan or Lovita's kitchen! See if you can name all the pages where a kitty-cat clock is mentioned in: 
Misfortune Cookies
A Tisket, A Casket
Dead As A Doornail
That Wasn't Chicken 
Weighty Matters
Custard's Last Stand

Books by Linda Kozar

Ten Things You Never Wanted To Know About Me...

1. I like 
to put black olives on my fingers and eat them.

2. In July of 2013, I lost the diamond from my wedding band and prayed without ceasing. The odd thing is--I was incredibly chill about it--calm and confidant that God was taking care of the situation. Within a week, God answered! I found the stone on my kitchen floor of all places. Thought it was a crumb!

3. Waiter, waiter--there's a shoe in my soup! That's right. One Sunday after church, our family went out to eat, and  a shoe landed in my soup! A little girl standing next to her family was kicking her leg back and forth and I guess her shoe was a bit loose . . .

4. My personal fingernails-on-the-chalkboard hell? I can't stand the sound of styrofoam rubbing against cardboard--unfortunate for me because almost every electronic item I purchase is packaged that way. 

5. On a canoe trip through the Honey Island Swamp, butterflies, attracted to my botanical shampoo thought my head was a designated landing strip. The top of my head was soon a-flutter with a gorgeous array of the colorful insects. If only I had a picture of my beautiful butterfly hat!

6. The day I gave my heart to Jesus, I was instantly delivered from nicotine! I never ever craved or smoked another cigarette or had withdrawals. God delivered my soul and took away my addiction to nicotine and I will be forever grateful to Him.

7. My father was in Oschner Hospital in 1989, dying from a massive heart attack. As if the damage to the heart muscle wasn't enough, he had a leaking heart valve and an aneurism that could instantly end his life at any moment. Our family joined hands and prayed the night before his surgery. My brother felt moved my God to  pray the prayer of Hezekiah and ask God for another fifteen years. So we did. And after Daddy's surgery, the surgeon pronounced the surgery a success. However, he couldn't figure out why the heart valve was no longer  leaking and the aneurism had disappeared! And our father lived fifteen years to the day. The surgery was performed on Valentine's Day, 1989 and he died on Valentine's Day, 2004. God kept His promise to us and granted us more time with our beloved father.

8. I will tear you up in a game of Rummikubs! But I'm pitiful at Yahtzee, terrible at cards and okay at Scrabble.

9. My mom has Alzheimers (dementia) and she's adorable! Where ever we go, whether to the grocery store or mall or on a walk, she spots things on the ground--coins, keychain charms, nails, gemstones, thimbles--you name it! So I keep a jar of all her finds. A collection of all the wonderful and quirky items she's amassed over the years. I labeled it "Mom's Little Treasures." Like I said, she's ADORABLE!

10. If I tell you I'm going to pray for you--I mean it. I WILL be praying for you and you WILL see the results of that prayer. My Father in heaven always hears my cries for you and He never fails to answer. If you don't expect a miracle, you'll never ever have one.