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Date Time Event
 08/07/2015  8:00 am-3:00 IWA Conference-Will Teach Two Writing Workshops
 04/11-2015 10:30 am--12  Figurative Language
 01/07/2015  6:30 pm-9:00 IWA (Texas Writer's Conference), Houston, TX
First Baptist Church. Spoke on Indie Publishing and Installed new officers for their writing group.
03/29/2014 9:00 am-11 Beverages, Bagels and Books, Women's Ministry, Jersey Village Baptist Church
8/2/2014 9:00pm IWA (Texas Writers) Conference, Houston, TX
I will be teaching two classes, one on proposals and the other on dialogues.
8/16/2014 9:30pm Central Texas ACFW Chapter, Georgetown, TX 

Speaking Topics

1. The 411 on Journalism--How to get started as a freelancer.

2. BioHazards--Toxic bios are a hazard to your writing career. By the end of this one-hour workshop, you'll walk away with a healthy start to a great personal biography.

3. Fifty Ways To Say Yellow--A workshop on utilizing and expanding your word universe.

4. Cliche' Clutter--Tidy your manuscript of tired old phrases and queue into creativity.

5. Playground For Poets--Covers the basics for poets and those who don't yet know it. Examples from an eclectic assortment of poets and lessons on simple explications help any amateur poet develop a deeper understanding of the mechanisms that move verse and hearts.

6. Figurative Language--You can't leapfrog from Hell to Valhalla! Or . . . can you? When you describe something by comparing it to something else, you're using figurative language. How about that? Find out what you're doing right and wrong, when enough is enough and how a little can go a long way in your manuscript. "Hey, I am literally writing a book, ya'll." 

7. Wrap Yourself in His Presence--A one-hour Christmas presentation for women's bible study groups.

8. Another Opening, Another No--First sentence, first paragraph, first page--a look at some successful and not-so-succesful openings. Workshop offers help and feedback on developing your own successful opening.

9. Happy Endings...and Happily Never Afters--A good companion workshop to "Another Opening, Another No." The end of a story can be supremely satisfying or a hopeless disappointment. A how-to workshop on writing a great finish.
10. The Club of the Pubb'd--How does an unpublished writer join this elite club? And are indie-published writers welcome?

11. Back Cover Blurbs--Back cover blurbs can sell a book as fast as a good book cover can. This workshop centers on some vital how-to's on writing engaging back cover blurbs for your books.

12. Keeping Your Balance--How do you write and keep up with all your social media? Tips on the precarious balance between
writing and marketing.

13. Writing For The Righteous--A reality checklist for the inspirational market. Guide to motivation, terminology, buzz
bible versions, guidelines, resources, a checklist and more.

14. Proposals--Make them an offer they can't refuse. How-to and practical advice on writing fiction and non-fiction proposals.

15. Creative Dialogue For the 21st Century--How to write dialogue that appeals to the 21st century reader.

16.   The Brave New World of Indie and Hybrid Publishing--The publishing world is still reeling over the rise of ebooks and indie authors. But instead of looking back, authors should be looking at all the wonderful options opening up for them. In this workshop, we'll take a look at those options, the advantages and cliff-jumping exhilaration of building wings on the way down (homage to Ray Bradbury).

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