Cozy Mysteries & Romantic Histories

Linda P. Kozar


An Introduction

I like writing stories that evoke images of the southern lifestyle. A lazy afternoon on a shaded hammock. Sunshine peeking through lacy leaves. Sipping sweet tea with friends under a cottonwood tree. A long wooden swing spread with a vintage quilt. If you’re sweet on southern fiction, I hope you'll enjoy my books, blogs and recipes.

Southern storytelling has its own special style--a blend of tradition, charm, faith and unforgettable characters who journey through adventure, mystery and suspense. I hope you will be entertained, intrigued and moved by my fiction and nonfiction titles.

Sue Jan's kitty-cat clock is a prominent fixture in my "When The Fat Ladies Sing" cozy mystery series. You'll always find one in either Sue Jan or Lovita's kitchen! See if you can name all the pages where a kitty-cat clock is mentioned in: 

Weighty Matters Book 6

Custard's Last Stand
Book 7



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