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Education:     Bachelor of Arts in Communications 1980, University of New Orleans
Bible Study Fellowship (BSF)--Completed (6 years).

Tutor:              College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) Level III-Certified Reading and Writing Tutor at Montgomery Community College, now Lonestar Community College 2003-2009).

Facilitator      For an ESOL (English As A Second Language) Student Newsletter at Lonestar Community College, The Global Pen (2007-2009).

Instructor:     Creative Writing, Legacy Preparatory Christian Academy (2005-2006).

Leader:            President, ACFW Houston Chapter--Writers On The Storm, 2008--

                             Director, Words For The Journey Christian Writers Guild SETR, 2005-2008.

Events:            Director of Meet The Christian Authors Night, an annual fundraiser and mega booksigning event featuring 50 Christian      authors at WoodsEdge Community Church. (2008-current).The fundraiser benefits Grace-Full, a ministry to single parent    households.

Awards:           2007 Mentor of the Year, American Christian Fiction Writers Conference (

                        First Place Children’s, Mercy’s Flight, IWA/Texas Christian Writers Conference, August 2007.

                             First Place Adult Short Story, Blue Ribbons, IWA/Texas Christian Writers Conference, August 2006.

                       First Place Book Proposal, The Contrary Christian, IWA/Texas Christian Writers Conference, August 2006.

Poetry Contest

Winner:                                        (Not-Yet-Published Writer), My Bible, Colorado Christian Writers Conference, 2005.

 Sips 'n Cups Cafeteria's APPLES OF GOLD--Devotions October, November, December 2007.
Peggy Blann Phifer, Wordsmith Writer, A Word Unfitly Spoken, Reflections, pg. 6, Vol. 4, Issue 17, Sept. 5,
Wordsmith Writer, Embers, Winter Writerland Anthology (Poetry), 2005,


The Villager: 2004

January 15, Texas Women’s’ Retreat to Hold Last Event in February, pg. 8c.

January 22, Students and Stars, Cooper Students Remember Space Shuttle Columbia ‘Stars’, pgs. 1c, 3c

January 29, A Home For Hephzibah, Businesswoman and Child Find Family in Each Other, pgs. 5-6c.

February, The Answer Book (information book insert), Higher Education, Lifelong Learning Center Gives Residents a Chance to be Young Again, pgs. 19-20.

February 12, Mixed Up, Evangelist’s Book Sheds Light on ‘Paganism’ in Christianity, pgs. 3c-7c.

April 1, Wanted, Mother Uses Struggles With Infertility to Support Others, pgs. 9-10c.

April 22, In The Potter’s Hands, Woman Finds Peace, Happiness After Surrendering to God, pgs. 5c, 9c

May 13, Healing Hearts, Grief Resource Center Offers Solace, Understanding to Those in Need, pgs.7-8c.

August 26, Towering Texas Love Story, pgs.

The Villager: 2003

January 2, From the Ashes, Burn Victim Shares Experience, Gospel with Others, pgs. 9-10c.

October 23, Miracles, Ladies’ Bible Study Reaches Across Denominational Lines, pgs. 5c,13c.

The Villager: 2002

January, Outlook 2002, (information book insert), Local Churches Prepare for Growth, pgs. 19-20.

January 2, ‘Justin’ Time, Biblical Book Series Set in Modern Time, pgs. 19-20b.

January 9, Door to Door, New Church Begins Campaign to Grow Congregation, 19-20b.

January 16, Tough Love, Woodlands Mom Offers Support for Parents of Teens, pgs.19-20b.

January 23, Between Jobs, Local Ministry Serves Those Needing Work, pgs. 9-10c.

January 31, Getting in Touch, Group Offers Mothers Chance to Pray for Children, Schools, pgs. 9-10c.

February 14, Out of the Darkness, Former Vampire Recalls Journey From Cain to Christ, pgs. 9-10c.

February 21, Goals for God, Woodlands Missionary Scores with Lacrosse in Philippines, pgs. 11-12c.

February 28, Home Grown, Former Church Vocalist Enjoys Success in Country Music, pgs. 11-12c.

March 7, Global Outreach, Local Ministry Lends a Hand to Sudanese Christians, pgs. 11-12c.

March 21, Season of Sorrow, Woman Finds Solace in Faith After Daughter’s Death, pgs. 9b,11b.

March 28, Secret Sisters, YMCA Prayer Group Brings Women Together, pgs. 9-10b.

April 4, Heavenly Hogs, Harley Davidson Owners Ride for the Community, pg. 7b.

April 11, Christian Roots, Believers Observe Traditional Jewish Seder, pgs. 11-12c.

April 25, A Cut Above, Sophomore Donates Hair to Help Cancer Patients, pg. 13c.

May 2, Take Five, Powers Still Takes the ‘Water of Life Freely’, pgs. 13-14c.

May 16, Strength In Ministry, Church Pastors Grow Marriage Through Faith, pgs. 11-12c.

May 30, Fit Through Faith, Speaker Brings Message of Hope to StoneBridge, pgs. 9-10c.

June 13, Glorifying God, WUMC Musician Wins Two Vibe Awards, pgs 11-12c.

June 20,, Christian Website Provides World-Wide Ministry, pgs.11-12c.

June 27, Message From God, Woodlands Woman Spreads the Word Abroad, pgs. 11-12c.

July 4, Crowning Glory, Stylist Credits God for Success in Business, pgs 9-10c.

July 11, World View, Speaker Puts Different Beliefs into Perspective, 9-10c.

July 25, Go Forward, Couple Called Upon to Open New Woodlands Church, pgs.11-12c.

August 1, New Home, Community Baptist Breaks Ground for New Facility, pgs. 9-10c.

August 8, In Any Lanquage, Missionaries Translate the Gospel Worldwide, pgs.11-12c.

August 15, World Expo, Church Hosts Meeting to Coincide With Anniversary, pgs. 11-12c.

August 22, God Listens, Counselor Calls Experience, God to Help Children, pgs. 11c, 14c, 15c.

August 29, Miracles Happen, Fellowship Program Encourages Random Acts of Kindness, pgs. 9-10c.

September 5, Kind Words, Catholic Author Speaks to St. Anthony Congregation, pgs. 11-12c.

September 12, Lost and Found, Christian Band Brings Country Sound to Methodist Church, pgs. 9-10c.

September 26, South County Residents Discuss Different Views on the Rapture, pg. 12c.

October, The Answer Book (information book insert), Building on Faith, WoodsEdge, Spring Woodlands Among Growing Congregations, pgs. 21-23

October 3, Pumpkin Fest, Faith United Methodist Prepares for Annual Fundraiser, pg. 11c.

October 10, Ad Deum, Woodlands Couple Takes Dance Mission Across the Globe, pgs. 11-12c.

October 17, First Class, Houston Theological Seminary Begins Classes in The Woodlands, pgs. 11c, 17c.

October 24, Sold Out, Christian Band Finds Inspiration in Everyday Surroundings, pgs. 11-12c.

October 31, Fluent in Faith, Presbyterian Church Helps Others Learn English, pgs.11-12c.

November 7, Words of Inspiration, Max Lucado to Appear with Michael W. Smith, Third Day, pgs. 13-14c.

November 28, On a Mission, WoodsEdge Youth Group Spends Christmas in Mexico, pgs. 7-8c.

December 5, Healing Touch, Therapist Finds Ministry in Massage Techniques, pgs. 9-10c.

December 12, Foundation of Faith, Family Overcomes Child’s Death to Reach Others, pgs. 9-10c. (PART ONE/TWO-PART).

December 19, Standridge’s Tragedy Leads to Involvement with Womens’ Retreat, pg. 12c. (PART TWO/TWO-PART).

The Villager: 2001

September 12, Reaching Out, Lexicon Employee Helps Those Less Fortunate, pgs. 23-24b.

September 19, A Survivor’s Story, Woman Turns to God after Teen’s Suicide, pgs. 19-20b.

October, Answer Book, (information book insert), Churches in Motion, Local Churches Undergo Major Expansion, Renovation, pgs. 23-25.

October 3, Healing Hearts, Woodlands Boy, Family Survive Heart Surgery with God’s Help, pgs. 23-24b.

October 10, Divine Vision, Child’s Emergency Inspires Woman’s Talents, pgs. 25-26b.

October 24, Just Say No, Former Youth Pastor Spreads Message of Abstinence, pgs. 25-26b.

October 31, Classical Learning, Providence Offers Alternative to Public Schools, pgs. 27-28b.

November 7, Soothing Sounds, Woodlands Harpist Turns Dreams into Reality, pgs. 27-28b.

November 14, God’s Gift, Family’s Perseverance Leads to Adoption, pgs. 23-24b.

November 14, Come Together, Faiths Together Presents Third Annual Event, pgs. 3a, 11a.

November 21, Divine Intervention, Woodlands Teen Survives Car Crash Without a Scratch, pgs. 27-28b.

November 28, Moving In, Christmas Comes Early for Trinity Episcopal Church, pgs. 27-28b.

December 5, Angel Pager, Beeper Gives Hope to Boy Battling Rare Form of Cancer, pgs. 25b, 27b. (PART ONE/TWO-PART).

December 12, Calls of Hope, For Woodlands Boy, Each Page is a Sign of Prayer, pgs. 25b, 26b. (PART TWO/TWO-PART).

December 19, Farthington Sisters Bring Biting Wit to Christmas, pg. 27b.

December 19, Warm Blanket, Organization Seeks to Provide Comfort to the Elderly, pg. 25b.

December 26, Basic Needs, Spring Ministry Offers Nourishment to Needy, pgs. 19-20b.

Alligator: 1987

January, Diet, Health, & Fitness, pgs. 13-15.

February, Courtin’ New Orleans Unique Love Stories, pgs. 11-12.

March, Marry Extraordinary, Five Couples Who Did, pgs. 10-13.

April, Coffee Houses, pg. 5.

April, Jewelry Making in New Orleans, pgs. 10-11.

June, New Adventures, pgs. 11-14.

August, Hobbies of New Orleans Hobnobbers (Column)

September, Dough, Who Kneads It?, pgs. 6-7.

November, Hobnobbers’ Hobbies (Column) “Hello, Santa?” pgs. 16-17.

December, Au Courant, (quotes, cutlines), pg. 12-14.

December, Creole Christmas, pg. 7.

Alligator: 1986

November, Chocolate, pgs. 14-16.

December, Christmas Gift Guide, pgs. 15-17.

Alligator: 1985

February, All Through the Nite, pgs. 12-15.

March, A Perfect Wedding, pg. 8.

The Good News: 1987

April, Seeds of Discord, pg. 3.

June, Prophets or Profiteers? pgs. 1-3.

June, Doug Fowler – Ministry Thru Music, pg. 5.

June, Eye of the Storm, pg. 3

July, Cornerstone of Faith – Johnnie Driscoll, pgs. 1, 5, 8.

July, Feet of Brass, (Editorial) pg. 2.

August, Me, A Gambler? (Editorial), pg. 2

September, Such is the Kingdom of Heaven, pgs. 5-6.

September, Wells Without Water, (Editorial) pg. 2.

October, Good News Shoes,(Editorial)  pg. 2.

The Clarion Herald: 1980-1981

(Under Twenty Column)

August 28, CYO Has Activities Year-Round.

October 30, St. Christopher Students Hopping on Bandwagon.

November 6, French Flair Found at St. Edward’s.

November 13, ETV Turns Out Critics, Actors and Producers at Cabrini

November 20, Court Appeals to Mt. Carmel Students.

December 4, St. Anthony Students Do Christmas Shopping at School.

December 12, St. Francis Xavier Students ‘Adopt’ Elderly.

January, Stamps, Stamps, Stamps, pg. 15.

February, Sunny Southern Ice Skater Dreams of the Olympics.

February 5, Ballet Time-Consuming but Students Love It, pg. 15.

September 4, Resurrection’s Buddy System Eases School Entry, pg. 15.

September 16, Staying After School Fun at SJM.

September 25, Reading Fun at St. Catherine, pg. 15.

Le Bon Temps: 1979-1980

(West Jefferson Community Newspaper)

September, 1979, The Beverly: A Little History, pg. 7.

October, 1979, Have a Hollywood Halloween, pg.

October, 1979, Haitian Art, pgs.

February 29, 1980, Indian Art at NOMA, pg. 3

September 16, 1980, Staying After School Fun at SJM, pg.

September 25, 1980, Reading Fun at St. Catherine, pg. 15.

The Driftwood: 1977-1978

Campus Newspaper/University of New Orleans

November 1, 1977, Geology Intern Program Set

January 31, 1978, The ABC’s of the SGA System, pg. 3

February 1978,  SGA Seeks Funding

March, 1978, Players Infest


Lakeview Civic Improvement Association: 1986-1987

September, 1986, Juanita Farrens, Artist, pg. 1.

October, 1986, The Forgotten Cemetery, pg. 6.

November, 1986, Ghislaine Hegarty, Treasurer Retiring, pg. 3.

December, 1986, Swan Song for Lake, pgs. 1-2.

January 1987, A View of Lakeview, pg. 1.

Biographical Information

Linda Kozar is the co-author of Babes With A Beatitude—Devotions For Smart, Savvy Women of Faith (Hardcover/eBook, Howard/Simon & Schuster 2009), Misfortune Cookies and Just Desserts (“When The Fat Ladies Sing” cozy mystery series, Print, Barbour Publishing 2008), and Strands of Fate (Hardcover/eBook, Creative Woman Mysteries 2012). Her cozy mystery series again published and expanded as ebooks at Spyglass Lane Mysteries, MacGregor Literary from 2012-2014, and in September of 2014 Linda indie-published and the continues the series: Misfortune CookiesA Tisket, A Casket, Dead As A Doornail, That Wasn't Chicken, and Felony Fruitcake. Her latest foray into indie publishing, produced Food Baby (contemporary women's 2015)Alligator Pear (gothic historical romance, 2013), Moving Tales, Adventures in Relocation, (nonfiction anthology 2013), and Doomsday Devotions (end times/devotional 2014). Linda is an active member of Cozy Mystery Magazine, which publishes an annual Christmas anthology of its contributing authors, A Cup of Cozy (Short Mysteries and Holiday Recipes, 2013) and A Cup of Cozy 2 (Short Mysteries and Holiday Recipes 2014). Her speculative fiction story, Aperture, will release in an anthology book titled Out of the Storm (HopeSprings Books 2015), the proceeds of which will be donated to the ACFW Scholarship Fund. In 2003, she co-founded, co-directed, and later served as Southwest Texas Director of Words For The Journey Christian Writers Guild. She received the ACFW Mentor of the Year Award in 2007, founded and served as president of Writers On The Storm, The Woodlands, Texas ACFW chapter for three years and continues on the board. In addition to writing, Linda has served as Lead Host of the Gate Beautiful Radio Show, on the Red River Radio Network/BlogTalk Radio since 2010. She and her husband Michael, married for over 25 years, have two lovely daughters, Katie and Lauren and a Rat Terrier princess named Patches.

CAN (Christian Authors Network), RWA (Romance Writers of American), NHRWA (North Houston Romance Writers of America), ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers), Writers On The Storm, The Woodlands, Texas Chapter of ACFW, Toastmasters (Area 56) The Woodlands, Texas, The Woodlands Church, The Woodlands, TX.

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Linda P. Kozar
About Me

"The tradition of storytelling is an ancient art, crossing culture and continent with words, gestures and improvisation. Designed to entertain, educate and instill moral values, storytelling has delighted and been passed down from generation to generation. Archaeologists and historians continue to discover and decipher stories carved in wood, bamboo, bone and ivory, or etched into clay tablets, pottery or parchment. And authors continue to tell stories to entertain, intrigue and inspire."

"We read to know we are not alone"
--C.S. Lewis
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